New Windows Desktop Application: Task Reminder

We are releasing our new windows program Task Reminder today. Have a look!


Media release - esooka updates radiation app TrackYourDose

TYD-media release


Tracking medical radiation exposure made easy

TrackYourDose app extends its functionality with inclusion of over 60 new medical examinations

TrackYourDose is an iPhone application developed by German company esooka, which enables tracking of personal radiation exposure, particularly during…


Update for medical examination of TrackYourDose

In this new release we have added more than 60 additional medical examinations, such as CT scans or nuclear medical applications. TrackYourDose makes it simple to keep track of your radiation exposure.


New Landing page for TrackYourDose TYD

Our new TrackYourDose landing page is online at


TrackYourDose in the Daily Mail

How much radiation are YOU exposed to when you fly? App tracks your 'personal dose' of cosmic radiation from air travel

  • The TrackYourDose app was developed by Germany-based firm esooka
  • It uses a…


The app for frequent fliers and those who are radiation-conscious

"The app for frequent fliers and those who are radiation-conscious" - media-release of PTB has been published.

PTB media-release


What's behind the scenes?

We added a short scientific background description of the calculated methods and sources. Furthermore, we added a quick user manual and some short videos!


TrackYourDose - Update 1.2

What's New

  • Correcting some bugs
  • Update FAQ
  • Update database of German terrestrial radiation
  • New logo of company
  • New contact address


Website online!

We are currently setting up our website. The first version did go online today!